What are the best schools for Autistic Children?

May 11th, 2009 by 1 in 88 Children Have Autsim Today

What are thre best schools for Autism services? The consensus seems to be larger, mostly Northeast cities but there is no
one resource for researching or selecting the best school options for your child.

I have been searching for the past 4 years now, finally I present a few posts I have found that offer a glimmer of information.

In my experience it comes down to knowing your rights and always have an advocate in the room with you. We live in NY, we found the services
are varied form district to district and have come a long way. In the end though, there is no plan for my child past 6th grade, his options are Boces
or some place far, far away from home.  If you do find a good site, please post it so we can help spread the word.





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